Why would you choose compassion?

Why should we choose to have compassion? Sometimes we feel that we ‘need’ to help others, through a sense of duty that we have learned from our peers. By choosing to have Compassion instead we make the decision to not need to help but choosing to help from a place of compassion. In doing so […]

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June 19, 2018

Who or what is #releaserocks ?

If you’ve ever been introduced to the concept of EFT then you’re no stranger to using it as a really effective process to help you clear the emotional gunk that you’re carrying around inside you. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of EFT, it’s short for Emotional Freedom Technique. Lets take a wee look at […]

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New Youtube channel

I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone – totally! The creation of my Youtube channel is a very big step for someone who used to be terrified of using a telephone I can tell you. Click the image below to be transported to my Youtube channel, don’t forget to subscribe and share it with your friends 😉

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February 19, 2018

Discover these 5 ways to increase your spiritual awareness

If you are becoming more self aware or developing self consciousness you may want to learn more about what will help you to get your groove on in your spiritual life. Here at Why Events we have compiled this list to help you to boost your development on your path to spiritual awareness. #1 Eat […]

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Angel cards for Jan 11th – 111

This morning I am inspired to select 3 Angel Cards for the day ahead. Abundance, Clarity and Communication This Angelic message reminds us that in order to manifest Abundance we should do this by communicating it clearly. By telling the Universe that we are ready to create that which we are willing to allow into our […]

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January 11, 2018

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Daily choices – tapping for release

I choose to release that which no longer serves me. This a great Affirmation to start the day. What you choose to release and how you choose to clear it is entirely up to you. I use a variety of different tools to help me to acheive clearing old patterns, beliefs, emotions. For years I’ve […]

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January 9, 2018

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Are you destined?

We have the power to shape our own future through the choices we make. If we choose wisely we can even shake off previous conditioning and mindsets. I chose change. In a very short time, using some very simple but effective tools to re-train my mindset, I changed from fear-FULL to fear-LESS. Now I teach […]

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Why We Love Abundance (And You Should, Too!)

We hear so much about abundance nowadays, everyone seems to be talking about it, the hype is real for sure, but for many people abundance is an unattainable thing. For them it’s something that they pray or wish for that never materializes. For them it’s nothing more than a dream. And yet, it IS real.  […]

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