Why Release Rocks

#releaserocks is the only healing system that helps Empaths to release stress & anxiety without taking pills, climbing Everest or leaving the house ! 

My services are offered via online or in person.

The “Why”.

As early as 9 years old I had an inner knowing that there was something more to life, I could feel it pulling me. I knew that I am here for a specific purpose and that I am destined to bring my healing light to help people. Years later my abusive marriage had just broken down, I was going through a divorce, and at the tender age of 25 I came to realise that I had no self worth, no self confidence at all.

I was fearful and alone in my life with no trade qualifications and no prospects. I didn’t know how to move beyond my situation and felt completely and utterly lost. Serendipitously, a couple of inspirational books came into my life and I soaked up the information in them about how to Think Big, and What they don’t teach you at Harvard.

In more books I learned about Affirmations, and the Power of Positivity. My home became littered with sticky notes to remind me to choose positive thoughts. Faced with the dark side of my inner voice. I researched many ways to dissolve emotional blocks, fears and the negative behaviour patterns in my life.

I trained myself to think positively, changed my mindset to survivor mode. Tapping, visualisation, meditation, energy work, healing, all became my daily practices until I became calm, centered and self empowered. On changing my mindset from fearful to fearless I discovered the Goddess within, found love in my life and learned that life can be joyous and harmonious – which was the complete opposite of where I started from.

You may be thinking that this is one of those cliched Get rich quick schemes, or that I am going to promise to heal you in 30 days. It isn’t. And I’m not.

I mean you could experience total healing in 30 days, except that we would have to work through your lifetime worth of blocks and conditioning first.

25 years have passed since the journey to heal myself started. I have been working away at feeling worthy, found my inner voice, developed the healer within and learned that I have a beautiful gift to share with those that wish it. I help people to discover these gifts within themselves. I feel confident, self-empowered and more balanced than at any time in my life before, and filled with profound knowledge that I really am here to help those who seek fulfillment in their journey to self empowerment.

I have developed fast working methods to help break through even the toughest blocks and I live by them.

How does it work?
Well, you may be at a crossroads in your life, feeling that a decision needs to be made and that change is afoot. Big changes!

Feeling frozen and paralyzed with fear, you don’t know which way to turn or which way is best.An inner knowing is telling you that you have a purpose and you have deep feeling that a big change is about to happen in your life.Something is blocking you from growing and you don’t know what it is or how to get through this.
Together we can discover what your unique blocks are and where your resistance lies.

Through Personal coaching I help you work through your blocks and resistance and match the right techniques to do this.

During these sessions we unlock your true path and set you in the right direction with long term goals to continue your development.


After our first session together Laura said:

I cant believe how I feel, this is amazing, I never felt this good after years of therapy.

Mary said:

You certainly have helped me – and given me the self-confidence – to continue on my path…. people have to go with their intuition and trust their own feelings. That really is paramount and it was you, dear Sharon, who instilled that in me.

Diana said:

I have committed the time to my Vision Board, and clarity is coming to me slowly and steadily. …..Stepping beyond my fear has been challenging, frightening and Wonderful ! Thank you!

My Mission

My intention is to empower you to discover your own journey to heal your body, mind and spirit.Helping you to feel lighter, free and fearless through my unique facilitation and guidance using the effective tools I have learned.

Helping you Find your purpose and free your Soul.

  • Sharon Jones



The importance of being an Empath.
Growing up as a young empath wasn’t easy.
Feeling the energy of other people around me and mis-understanding it as being directed at me.
Worst of all, thinking it was all my fault!
Fast forward to an empowered, natural energy worker and healer that has fine tuned her gifts so much that she can almost read minds…..and she has the strongest desire to help other Empaths to discover their power too. 

Cover art photo provided by Efe Kurnaz on Unsplash: