Why We Love Abundance (And You Should, Too!)

We hear so much about abundance nowadays, everyone seems to be talking about it, the hype is real for sure, but for many people abundance is an unattainable thing.

For them it’s something that they pray or wish for that never materializes.
For them it’s nothing more than a dream.

And yet, it IS real.  It DOES work.

More and more people are talking about Abundance and how it brought miracles into their lives.

So what exactly is the secret behind Abundance and why should we love it?
We compiled a list of good reasons to help you decide.

#1. We give ourselves permission to ask for things.

#2. We learn to let go of harmful beliefs so that we can get creative with what we want. Letting go of fears and blocks around money and relationships in particular can generate more opportunity to be creative.

#3. It’s not just a load of mumbo-jumbo, it actually works!

#4. We attract more opportunities to us when we practice having Abundance.

#5. We feel more motivated which in turn helps us to get clear on what we want to become abundant in our lives.

#6. It helps us to create our own treasure map. Once we get clear we fine tune our list of things that we want.

#7. We can be spiritual AND prosperous. Thats right! We don’t actually have to live a life of ‘Just enough’.

#8. It doesn’t have to cost anything. When we are open to receiving abundance it can literally seem to come out of thin air.

#9. We can choose to change, because when we choose to change we let go of ‘not having enough’ and choose ‘I have more than enough’ instead.

#10. You learn more about who you are. When we let go of who we believed we were, we actually become less. (I know, crazy right?!)

#11. We feel gratitude before receiving anything. Being grateful for something that we haven’t received yet is a major key to having abundance.

#12. The more you practice it, the better it gets. Just like training for a sporting event, the more that you use your abundance ‘muscles’ the stronger they become.

#13. This last one is even more crazy… because the more you live in abundance, the less ‘stuff’ you actually need!

So go ahead! Start choosing to have Abundance in your life.

Written by

Sharon Jones – Soul Coach, Abundance Coach

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