How to have a Happy and Prosperous New Year

As we enter 2018 and the New Year let’s take a moment to think about Prosperity and how it makes us happy.

Money is something that we are conditioned about from a very early age. We learn to hold it in very high regard and judge each other based on how much we have.

We measure success by it.

We need money.

We need more money.

But here’s the thing.

When we need to have it we create a need for it,  and we are actually creating the opposite of having money.

Instead we are creating just wanting it. Can you see the void this creates?

You see Money isn’t about ‘having’ it.

My husband and I were going through a financial dry spell a few years ago, we had almost used up all of our savings just to keep the bills paid. I practice EFT (Tapping) quite regularly, one such exercise was about tapping for $50,000. I thought that tapping in this way would generate $50,000. As if it would suddenly appear on a pallet in my bedroom one morning. It didn’t.

Within a few days a friend turned up at our home, she held up two bagged free range chickens that she had purchased from a neighbouring farm.

“There you go, I’ve had a good week”, she said.

I was stunned.

The monetary value of the chickens was $50.

As she drove off up the lane I was struck with gratitude and realised that tapping for $50,000 wasn’t about the pallet of $money in one go that I had envisioned, but instead it was about manifesting the $worth of goods and services.

With that realisation I opened my heart to allow Gratitude for a life of Abundance and Creativity.

On that day I learned about the experience of learning to lightly hold the concept of knowing you have it, being Grateful before you have it.

The financial dry spell was resolved from that day forth.

Now we are thankful for the Abundance that is brought forth by having Gratitude and that it’s not about the $money but the $worth of goods and services brought about by our own Creativity.

Wishing you a very Happy, Creative and Prosperous New Year in 2018.

Ken says:

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