Daily choices – tapping for release

I choose to release that which no longer serves me.

This a great Affirmation to start the day.

What you choose to release and how you choose to clear it is entirely up to you. I use a variety of different tools to help me to acheive clearing old patterns, beliefs, emotions.

For years I’ve used EFT (also known as tapping) which is a very effective way to clear out big issues. In using it we talk about how we feel about the issue at hand, we really get down into the ‘dirt’ of the issue.

What I love about tapping is that it is so effective in clearing that ‘dirt’.  Unlike traditional psychology where we most often bring up an issue and bury it back down again. Yelling at a chair or just getting over it are not nearly as effective as tapping.

Tapping works because we are clearing the emotional energy that is blocked by our issues. So I’ve found it to be as effective as acupuncture for that reason.

I consider that tapping is like a combination of acupuncture (without the needles) and psychology (without the couch).

You have the power to take control and release the ‘dirt’ of your issues.

After working on some very deep issues with a client recently she commented that in one session she felt better and more clear than she had in many years of psycho-therapy.

I believe that to truly get clear of our issues that we need to be willing to give them up. Having said that, tapping is effective in clearing out the resistance that we have to Healing and clearing out those old out-dated patterns as well.

When we clear out the issues we become more clear in our lives – thats good right?

So go ahead, release what no longer serves you.

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choose to release

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