Angel cards for Jan 11th – 111

This morning I am inspired to select 3 Angel Cards for the day ahead.

Abundance, Clarity and Communication

angel cards

This Angelic message reminds us that in order to manifest Abundance we should do this by communicating it clearly. By telling the Universe that we are ready to create that which we are willing to allow into our lives.

Perhaps we are looking for ways to create abundance in Love, are we ready then to allow an abundance of Love into our lives? Are we actually ready to Love abundantly too?

If we think that we have been asking and asking for help on the subject of receiving abundance ( whether its Love or something else) and not receiving anything for all of our efforts, this would indicate that we haven’t been  clear.

When we think about the language we use in asking, does it sound like “I want love in my life, but I don’t want it to hurt me” Or, are we setting too many limitations in our quest to find abundance? for example “when I retire” or “when I win the lottery”.

In choosing a path filled with Abundance we need to be absolutely clear in the language we use to send our desire into the Universe. Use only positive words and phrases, placing no limitations is the key to communication with the Universe.

What will you choose to create Abundantly?

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Sharon Jones

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