Discover these 5 ways to increase your spiritual awareness

If you are becoming more self aware or developing self consciousness you may want to learn more about what will help you to get your groove on in your spiritual life.
Here at Why Events we have compiled this list to help you to boost your development on your path to spiritual awareness.

#1 Eat right
Your Mother was right when she told you to eat your greens. They are good for you. The reason is that these foods actually have an alkalising effect on your body.

Foods including Broccoli, lemons, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, ginger, avocado, lentils, sweet potato, green beans, are among the most spiritually uplifting foods you can eat.

Eating these alkalising foods helps you to heal inflammation too and even reverse the effects of inflammatory diseases like Diabetes and Fibromyalgia. I experienced this first hand a few years ago  [you can find out more in my book Alkalise Me – how I reversed diabetes in 5 weeks]

Alkalising your body not only helps your physical health but it is also proven to give you more clarity in your Spiritual Self.

Eating a clean diet helps you to clear your body of the dense energy caused by eating what I call ‘stodgy’ foods. [Doesn’t that word describe how we feel when we load up on carbohydrates and sugar?]

When we feel clean and clear we are more able to ‘hear’ our Higher Self.
We experience an ability to see beyond our physical experience and experience awareness of the meta-physical.

Taking Himalayan salt or Celtic salt [natural salts with no chemicals] to help mineralise your body for optimum performance and taking multi-vitamins and other supplements also support our physical body.

Have you thought about Blessing your food? Love your food and it will love you back, also think positive thoughts before and during your meal.

And remember – The purer your diet – the more clarity you will experience on your journey to Self awareness and Self consciousness.

#2 Drink water
Feeling tired? Water is energy, so if we are dehydrated our physical and spiritual energy would be depleted.  Drinking water helps us to re-charge and our energy flows more efficiently too.

We need to hydrate our bodies with drinking water that is clean. Water that is filtered or distilled is best for drinking.

Taking water that is mineralised, crystallised and blessed is said to be of greatest benefit if you want to expand on your spiritual route.

Crystals energize distilled water. They also have a profound effect on our physical body when the water is energised with crystals because our physical energy increases after we drink it.

#3 Sleep well
Can’t sleep? Vitamin B6 deficiency is known to be a contributor to Insomnia, inability to re-call your dreams and even depression.

Also practice good sleep hygiene, turning off your electronics at least 30 minutes before retiring. Listen to some music to help you relax.

In doing so you are allowing your mind to slow down and relax before your head hits the pillow and you can enjoy a blissful nights sleep.

#4 Breath
Unless you are a well practiced Ayervedic student you may find that you only breathe with the top 25% of your lungs, which you may be shocked to learn, means that you don’t actually use the lower 75% of your lungs!

Observe how your shoulders fall and rise with each breath that you take. To truly oxygenate your body you could practise breathing into your abdomen.

Keeping your shoulders still. Make your lower belly fill with air as you breathe in. Then push the air out gently with your lower stomach muscles. It’s not that easy is it?

When we learn to practice breathing more fully, our body responds by becoming more healthy as a result of the extra oxygen in our system, we have more energy and feel re-vitalised.

Spend a few minutes each day just breathing – you’ll notice I didn’t mention the dreaded word meditation here (you don’t need to fold up like a pretzel for hours.)

Just sit comfortably and breath, following each breath in and out, feeling more and more relaxed with each one.

The key here is to sit quietly, breathing, observing each breath as if from the outside, without judgement. Just start with 4 minutes each day, then once you are comfortable with 4 minutes you can add another minute to your duration. With more practice you can sit for longer and longer periods.

#5  Play with your intuition
Science agrees that Logic lives in the left side of our brain and Creativity lives in the right side of your brain.

Many of us are more inclined to spend our whole life focussed on logic. We spend our lives adjusting so that we fit into our logical left brained society.

If you are naturally a right brain person you are probably artistic, creative, a dreamer, and perhaps quite intuitive – even if you haven’t learned how to do the intuition part well.

As a right brained person you may also feel that you don’t fit in. Are you the square peg that never fitted into a round hole? I know I was.

Our brains are typically conditioned to behave in a Logical manner, we serve society by being a spectator of the game of living in the physical world.

When we choose to develop or utilise the right side or intuitive part of our brain we open ourselves up to the possibility of becoming the player in our own game of life instead of just a spectator.

Imagine the possibilities that open up for you as a result of opening up that right side and expanding your consciousness.

There are many different ways that you can access your intuition, but just for starters try this simple exercise to strengthen your intuition and awareness.
Each day practice making simple decisions using your intuition. For example, when you are choosing your clothing for the day, try choosing following your intuition instead of logic.

What colours feel right? Which fabrics? If you have to wear a uniform perhaps select your socks or a coloured scarf or tie that reflects how you feel today.

Is it a red socks day? or perhaps a jazzy-multi-coloured-socks kind of day? There is no right or wrong, just ask your Higher Self what to choose.

On your way to work ask yourself ‘which way’, listen to the tiny shift in perception that tells you which way feels right.
Your intuition is ‘feeling’, it is being the dreamer whilst being awake.

Following these simple steps you will experience shifts in your awareness, just remember that developing your Spiritual expression is like developing your muscles before running a marathon.

We don’t expect to be good at it right away, but with continued practice your Spiritual muscles will get stronger and stronger, your skills will become fine-tuned and your awareness will know no boundaries.

Written by Sharon Jones

Sharon Jones WhyEvents 2017 2018

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