Ken says: Mishaps are but opportunities for GROWTH

Ken says

We grow when we face challenges

Thomas Edison said “I did not fail – I found 100 ways not to do it”

and we are familiar with the phrase “like a phoenix rising from the ashes”.

Perhaps we could say “Success is failure turned inside out”

I asked Ken Jones of Why Events about his take on the subject of mishaps.

Here’s what he had to say:

We do not need to fail to succeed

When something goes wrong it gives you the opportunity to learn from mistakes

Even when things go wrong

When it isn’t your mistake

It can teach you patience

It can teach you understanding

When we say ‘well I thought this would happen if I did this – but this happened’

So they’re all opportunities for growth

A lot of us believe that when we do something, a certain thing is going to happen as a result

But something completely different happens instead

It isn’t always that what we believe or perceive is going to happen will happen

So mishaps are opportunities for growth

They happen to teach us patience

But it teaches you that when things happen

You learn from what happened

And then know : I do it that way or I don’t do it that way

That what its all about

It’s not like you have to fail to succeed

That’s a defeatist attitude

You don’t have to fail at any time

But if things do go wrong

You can learn from them rather than getting angry and upset that things aren’t going your way

You learn when you realise  – ‘Ah this is what happens when I do this’

So that next time you have learnt from it

Cos you won’t make that mistake again

And that’s what I’m trying to say

You never have to fail to succeed

Mishaps or things that go wrong are opportunities for growth

Why do they go wrong?

Do they go wrong because somebody else did something wrong?

Or because you did something wrong?

Or they went wrong because something different happened to what you expected

This is what its about

It’s about learning from mishaps.

Ken Jones

Ken Jones of the “Ken says” series

Article written by Sharon Jones

©Sharon Jones © ©2017-2018

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