Who or what is #releaserocks ?

If you’ve ever been introduced to the concept of EFT then you’re no stranger to using it as a really effective process to help you clear the emotional gunk that you’re carrying around inside you.

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of EFT, it’s short for Emotional Freedom Technique. Lets take a wee look at how it works.

You tap certain pressure points on your face and body whilst talking about how you have this issue, how it feels and how you choose to let it go. It’s kind of like psychotherapy and acupuncture all rolled into one. Only it’s without the therapy couch…..and without the needles!

Tapping the points helps to clear the blocks that cause the emotional responses that we experience and so clears out that gunk that you’ve been carrying around.

It’s so effective that I use it regularly on myself and on my clients during our one-to-one sessions, and we’re able to clear out many of the stories that we carry around from years of abuse, fears and phobias. Effectively clearing the big boulders from the emotional backpack that you carry throughout your life.

In essence, we are clearing the crap out of your past.

But what if you don’t have a long story or dialogue to tap out? What if you’re already all tapped out of big boulders but have some gravel left in that backpack of yours?

Well that’s where #releaserocks comes into play.

#releaserocks is a fast, quick-fire version of tapping, but this time instead of tapping we’ll use an inanimate object as our focus.

We love the power of the number 3 so we’ll use this magical number to enhance what we’ll do.

Let’s suppose you are feeling stressed out, here’s how it works.

*you’ll need a small rock in front of you – something easy to pickup.

#1. Say “I allow myself to pick up the rock”.

#2. Then you pickup the rock.

#3. Now whilst holding the rock, say out loud “I allow myself to release this stress”, then you can put the rock down.

I usually find that I feel much less stress after performing #releaserocks, in fact I can then identify what’s causing the stress and use #releaserocks to clear that out.

So you see, it’s a very simple technique, and very effective at clearing the tiny leftover bits of gravel from the back packs that we carry through life.

Elle has been a long time client of mine, we identified a pattern of abuse in her life during her first session with me. She’s been seeing psychotherapists for years but felt therapy wasn’t helpful in treating her depression.

We used tapping to clear the bulk ( the boulders) of her issues and then the rapid-fire #releaserocks method to deal with every angle of the gravel that was left behind afterwards.

Elle said she hadn’t felt this good in all the years she has spent in therapy!

Now she uses #releaserocks every day!

So why did I call it #releaserocks ? Well we use rocks to help us release the crap… and releasing it …rocks!

How will you use #releaserocks ? Comment below and let me know.

Warmly, Sharon Jones

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