An update about my word of the year

My Word of the Year

You may recall my newsletter at the beginning of the year.

I wrote about my word of the year – Gratitude. 

At that time I didn’t understand exactly what it would mean to have a word of the year but each time I check in with my word I can see how it applies in so many different ways, and to my surprise, how I hold myself accountable.


In Gratitude for the changes that I have witnessed in my life this year. Some changes are subtle and some are more profound.

There’s a strong sense of calm around me, I’m less inclined to fight change that happens to me.

Also, with the development of my #ReleaseRocks system, I bare witness to really profound changes in the people that discover the power of it with me.

I am Humbled and Grateful for these beautiful gifts as I see them grow and evolve. Life truly is wonderful as I watch other people blossom with these gifts.

Can we do it again?

You know you’ve got it right when your clients say ” When can we do this again?!” at the end of a workshop.
So without further ado, the next workshop is already scheduled for September.
Bring a notepad, pen, and a smile.

If you are saying “what workshop?” then please allow me to share with you the magic of breaking free of your fears, phobias, life blocks, stresses, anxieties and more. I offer private coaching as well as workshops, and even offer an online service for my long distance clients. Message me if you wish to discuss this with me.

I use it, because it works.

I developed the #releaserocks system specifically to help you learn how to become fearless in just a few easy steps.

During workshops and private coaching I teach you how to apply it in your life as a unique, powerful and very effective tool.
The more you use it, the less stressed and more powerful you become, but to be honest you don’t need to be stressed or full of fear to benefit, it even works when you are just getting in your own way on your ‘path to enlightenment’.

Have you discovered the power of #releaserocks yet?

In Gratitude,

Sharon Jones

ReleaseRocks – because Release…Rocks!

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