Are you destined?

We have the power to shape our own future through the choices we make. If we choose wisely we can even shake off previous conditioning and mindsets. I chose change. In a very short time, using some very simple but effective tools to re-train my mindset, I changed from fear-FULL to fear-LESS. Now I teach […]

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Why We Love Abundance (And You Should, Too!)

We hear so much about abundance nowadays, everyone seems to be talking about it, the hype is real for sure, but for many people abundance is an unattainable thing. For them it’s something that they pray or wish for that never materializes. For them it’s nothing more than a dream. And yet, it IS real.  […]

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A day of awareness

Something clicked in me, I kept getting stuck in the same old “stuff”. You know the kind of stuff that keeps you fearful,  stops you moving on and  growing. The same old stuff kept rearing it’s ugly old head and saying ” well you don’t REALLY want to be successful at this DO YOU!” A […]

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December 11, 2017