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Choosing Creativity in Life

As I choose to allow the energy to flow within me, it also flows through me and beyond me.
I explore creativity even when I’m not physically making something. Because to be creative is not just about making something artistic.

Being more creative is to be less logical
Becoming less logical

To be creative is to allow the energy to flow in anything that we take part in. We create the life that we experience on a daily basis, whether we know it or not. Each day we create the experiences that we explore. Whether we like to believe it or not.

We can choose the level of Creativity, and that’s the thing. We can choose to explore creativity, we can choose to be more creative in the life we live. We can choose to be more expressive and creative with what we choose in our lives.  

My own experience has been magnificent since I realized that I am in command of my own ship called Life. You see, sometimes we have rough seas. Sometimes it’s plain sailing. Sometimes we have to go to port for repairs and supplies. And sometimes we just enjoy riding the ocean waves because that’s what we created and is the very purpose of this ship.

How does Creativity appear in your life ? And how would you become more conscious in the Creativity process?

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