Personal coaching – 26 weeks program

The Roadmap to Success solution.

This 26 weeks program will add light years to your personal development.

This solution is for you if you have a sense of acceleration, urgency or even sense a “Quickening”.

Throughout this intensive 26 week program I’ll be your coach, mentor and accountability partner. Guiding you in each area of your life to help you grow through this period of your life.

I’ll show you how you can overcome the chaos that life serves us sometimes….

AND I’ll teach you how to develop new simple daily habits that can support you for the rest of your life.

Learn how to:-

  • Shake off distractions from your surroundings.
  • Effectively deal with feeling overwhelmed.
  • Turn your anxiety into a useful friend ( yes really!)
  • Take your current spiritual practices to the next level.
  • Recognize anxiety as an early warning system.
  • Give yourself permission to grow beyond your own expectations.
  • develop best practices to clear your mind even when feeling stressed.
  • How to clear your energy after a busy day
  • Create the life and work that you desire.

Package Info.

Roadmap to Success solution
26 weeks package with Intuitive healing coach Sharon Jones

The Roadmap to Success solution is comprised of 26 x one-to-one sessions with me (- Sharon.)

The sessions are to be held on 26 consecutive weekly appointments.

Your sessions can be arranged to be held via:-

  • Skype
  • Facetime
  • Zoom
  • or in person.

I have the unique ability to Intuitively connect with your energy (- even over the internet!) Which means that we can work on a much deeper level and really get down into your subconscious to create the changes that are needed to help you grow.

Our sessions will be 90 minutes long. This helps me to get a better understanding of you and your personal journey so that I can give you the personalized insights and feedback that will help you to grow.

This program also includes 2 accountability emails each week.

PLUS….Free Membership in the private #ReleaseRocks Facebook support group.


You are growing already!

The greatest gift that you have available to you right now is choice.

The have the choice to stay exactly where you are right now. Perhaps this hasn’t really been working for you?

The other choice is to message me and sign up to make the changes.

You should know that the very act of deciding to signup with me means that the universe is already responding to your prayer for healing and growth.

Healing is already happening to you.

Can you feel it?

You are already growing beyond the boundaries and little picket fence that you have placed around yourself.

Your perspective on life has already started changing.

Let’s get started!