Sharon Jones- Intuitive Healing coach

I help heart centred creative professionals that are exposed to trauma, aggression and stress in the workplace, to learn how to manage their energies so that they can become more centred, focussed and calmly and confidently handle the situations that they are faced with, helping them to feel safe.

No doubt, your clients are struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma and maybe even addictions.

This rubs off on us in the workplace. There’s nowhere for us to run, and we end up stressing ourselves out, trying to maintain a “stiff upper lip” whilst trying to keep some sense of equilibrium.

It isn’t easy, and we can end up feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility of trying to help other people, quite often to the detriment of our own health and well being.

I can help you to minimize the stress and overwhelm that invades your day, helping you to manage your own energy levels as well as the interactions with your clients.

As an empath I learned about energy from a very young age. And because of this I know that when we manage the energy around us, we can experience a life that is more joyful, peaceful and fearless.

Which means that you can actually enjoy life, in a way that isn’t such hard work!

Everyday doesn’t have to be overwhelming and full of stress. You can learn how to take back your own power and manage your day, even when things seem to take a wrong turn.

We can work together individually, and I can work with your team too!

Stress and Anxiety
Help with Trauma

Mindset and Positivity
Energy Management

Let’s get started!

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The future of mental health in the workplace is prevention.
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