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Hi, I’m Sharon.

When I was in my mid 20’s I went through a marital breakdown.
I’d failed and was feeling so depressed and miserable.
The divorce cast a really big cloud over me and I found it so hard to see the good in each day.
On top of that I had absolutely no self-worth, no self-confidence and no idea where to go next.

Daily questions

During that time Arthur, an older guy at work, asked me each day “what did you do that was positive today?”
At first my answers were just “weeeelllll ….I got up this morning and took a shower….”

His daily questions challenged me to find the positive answers in my life.
Instead of focusing on the bad things in my life I was now looking for the good things and the positive pieces of the puzzle.

Feeling different

Looking back, I could feel something different about me when I was kid. I had a feeling that I’ve got a particular purpose and a good reason why I’m here on this planet.
Although I didn’t really understand it, it felt very important.

I’ve always been sensitive to energy….of other people, as well as the world around us.
But for a long time I could only sense negative emotional energy…..and that was tricky!


In between the dark days and the emotional roller-coaster of my divorce, I could feel a deep sense of profound hope and something pushing me towards my future.

Arthur’s questions and support helped to nurture the changes in my mind. He helped me to become clear and focused.
He’s now left this world, but I will always be grateful to him for being my support and accountability partner through that tough time.

New thoughts

Serendipitously, a couple of inspirational books arrived on my coffee table, and even though I felt so small, I learned how to Think Big.
More books came into my life and I learned about affirmations and the power of positivity … I was soaking up information that would eventually define me.

I embraced new ways to instill a new positive thought pattern into my own mind and, at first, it was quite difficult to shake off the old patterns and negative thoughts.
I knew that in order to get more out of life I needed to change my mindset completely.
I worked very hard to overcome the feelings of loss and loneliness.

Survivor mode

I think back then the survivor in me was trying to come out…all it needed was some gentle coaxing.
Recovering from a failed relationship taught me how to integrate with people again. I learned how to trust again.
I even learned how to embrace the gift of healing and how use it to help others in their traumas and life experiences.

I’m grateful that I’ve not only survived life’s traumas and hiccups, but I’ve learned how to help others with my knowledge and gift of Empathy, Intuition and Healing

Stand up and be counted

Really I’ve always stood out from the pack. I’ve always been different.
I believe that’s what’s so special about being empathic and being able to feel the energy of everybody else.

My past has helped me develop the #releaserocks system and I keep seeing super fast results in my friends and clients because it’s tailored to each individuals needs.

If you’re still here…Thankyou!

I hope you are feeling inspired to discover how we can work together to help your clear your mind and have focus once more.

Going through big life changes isn’t always fun but working with you I can help you to get clear and feel stronger than ever.

Sharon Jones ©2019. #releaserocks

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The future of mental health in the workplace is prevention.

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