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Sharon is a good friend but more than that she is a great healer. She sees in people what is not visible to the naked eye. Recently when we visited her home she could see that I was in physical distress mainly caused by stress. Without asking why, she sat me down, had me close my eyes and worked her “magic”. Less than 15 minutes later my pounding headache had disappeared, the tension had drained from my body and I felt like a new person. Everyone needs their own “Dr. Sharon”.

~ Margaret

I wanted to let you know that I have been using EFT a lot. When my leg starts to hurt, it takes a few minutes for me to realize that I am in control and I am deciding to have the pain……so I can decide to NOT have the pain. I start tapping on the pain and after 3 rounds it reduces by at least 75 percent. When you live with pain every day for different reasons that is the normal so your first thought isn’t that you can get rid of it………I am retraining myself to think that way though thanks to your gentle and intuitive lessons.
Thank you so much!


Hi Sharon, I would like to thank you for my healing again. I came back to England with a completely different outlook on life. Its like you took away all the negative, bad and angry bits out of me! I’m now leading a different life, even though I know Jonathan will always be by my side whether on holiday or out pubbing or whatever I’m doing in life, but I don’t hate the world anymore ❤️ xx


It was scary in a way as things tend to grow into massive issues in your head, then all of a sudden they are gone. 

Sharon allowed me to confront my demons and then process them.

She helped me to face them in a non-judgemental safe environment which allowed me to unpackage what had weighed me down.
At first I wondered where it had all gone, and asking myself why have I carried it around for decades?
The sessions are informal and free flowing, tailored just for me, because you never know what subject will come up next.
Now, I feel Light, a bit disconcerted as I have been accustom to being weighed down by all that stuff we unpacked, I am still wondering where those feelings went.
What Sharon did was Magic! 
Besides amazing results, The experience has been life changing.

~ Shelagh

I was holding onto many Traumatic experiences, I felt clouded, weighted down, constantly spinning and not allowing myself to let them go.
Sharon taught me how to use a purple light Visualization and her “release rock” method and we were able to see quick results.
By being so intuitive Sharon knew when I was really letting things go and when I was being too logical.
Learning her techniques my mind was finally uncluttered and I let go of the hurt, guilt and self-doubt….I finally allowed myself to just Be.
I now know that it’s OK to let go…as hard as it is.  It’s well worth the peace of mind.
I am so thankful for Sharon and the time we spent together 💜
I still use the release rock method every day, I find it helps clear my mind especially if I have a lot going on.
~ Laura

I was always on edge and nervous.
I had the feeling of a lump in my throat or a sensation in the pit of my stomach.
I was overthinking things out of my control.
Working with Sharon was wonderful.
I felt safe and in good hands.
I felt considerably calmer.
When I left I felt lighter and warm.
I noticed within the next few days that my stomach wasn’t in my throat anymore.
I am very grateful to Sharon for helping me with that.
I don’t think I would have gotten this type of closure without it.
– Jennifer.

Before I started working with Sharon I was completely out of sync with myself and others.
I doubted everything and everyone.
Sharon helped me to focus on myself and to heal my emotional self inflicted wounds from the time I spent working in Northern Canada.
Sharon works by blending her Intuitive ways with her life experience.
I always felt at ease in her presence and much more focussed.
– Sven.

The first time I attempted suicide, I was 8 years old…. but, with Sharon’s help… I have been letting go of my mothers abuse…. I feel so much Lighter now !!!
Sharon has such deep wisdom & insight.
Her empathic ability and her own life experiences, helps her to listen, hear & see beyond words.
Her ability to listen, see & feel beyond the words, puts together a sense & meaning that I couldnt previously perceive.
She goes beyond skin deep… AND then … can put the puzzle together in a way that I wasn’t ever able to do….giving me new understanding and insights into my life.
With Sharon’s understanding and guidance I feel so free emotionally, and as light as a cloud.
I still practice the daily exercises that I learned under Sharon’s guidance, my head has not hurt with that crushing pain for quite a while now !!!
There are no words in my world for what Sharon has done for me !!!!
– Rox.

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