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Word of the day – Efficiency

I randomly chose an angel card and allowed the words to flow…..

Efficiency. Efficiently using one’s energy instead of wasting it.

Efficiently using one’s time in a constructive manner.

Efficiency – tuning in to “all that is” to create from that space.

Don’t waste your time wishing and dreaming for things that you cannot attain.

To be able to manifest efficiently one needs to lightly set the intention for what you want and then to let go of it again.

Trust and be Thankful

Trust and be thankful that events will take you to your intended destiny.

Don’t waste your time in the past, for the past no longer exists.

Don’t waste your time in the future, because the future does not exist.

To be present to be in the now is what is required of you at this moment, as only this moment exists.

Only this moment exists!

When we remember that the past and the future do not exist and practice being present in this moment we can manage our energies more proficiently and efficiently.

Efficiency is about being present in the moment. 


To practice being in the moment spend a few minutes each day just breathing and only focussing on your breath.

Just focussing on your breath, allow your body to relax completely, and allowing yourself to be in that moment.

Each time your mind becomes active and thoughts pop in, then you would remind yourself to bring your attention back to your breathing.

Just following your breathing.

 Do this for a few minutes each day and notice how much calmer your mind will be and how much more your body is relaxed.

In Love , Light and Peace