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My top tip for managing Anger at work

Lucy has been working in customer service for as long as she can remember. On the whole she feels that she is able to manage her stress levels at work, but she does feel that she gets a build up of stress in her body over time.

She told me that she feels it most in her joints in her lower back and neck and legs. Plus when she feels the most stressed she also eats food that doesn’t suit her body.

When she came to see me she felt overwhelmed with stress, and the need to be successful and produce results at work. But also because she felt overwhelmed with making her work/home/life balance as well.

Lucy’s story is quite common in professionals of any field. When we feel overwhelmed, many of us eat to compensate for that feeling, which then compounds the problem and our bodies feel gloopy, and we just feel burdened with the need to constantly give and give and give.

In my experience, stress is something that we have as a result of a buildup of unresolved anxiety’s, anger and constantly pushing ourselves to achieve higher and higher results. And this is not necessarily isolated to the workplace, we can experience this just in our personal lives as well.

Lucy had recently been in a situation when she was trying to avoid an altercation with her customer. The customer was being somewhat unreasonable, and appeared to be bullying Lucy, and pushing all of her “buttons“.

Lucy said that she could feel herself escalating to a point of becoming argumentative herself, but said that her conscience was offering some balance.

She said that she could’ve quite cheerfully given the woman a piece of her mind, but she chose to step away from the situation. Telling the woman “ I’ll be right back “, she walked away from the scene and into one of the back rooms where is she then exploded to the surprise of her colleagues that were there.

After just a couple of minutes of ranting, she centred herself and with firm resolve she walked back calmly to her workstation where the confused customer was still waiting. Lucy continued to serve the customer, but had created a mental wall that blocked the energy from the customer who at this point was behaving more reasonably.

Let go of anger
Feeling angry. Choose to let it go!

Afterwards Lucy was congratulated by her work colleagues, firstly for recognizing that she had escalated to a state of anger and frustration, then for recognizing that she should leave the situation momentarily to pull her self together, and also for her level of professionalism in dealing with the difficult customer.

Leaving the situation and taking herself away into a safe zone, was how Lucy was able to diffuse the energy of the situation which could’ve escalated into a blown up argument with the customer. So acting in this way Lucy was able to handle the customer professionally and also earn the respect and kudos from her managers and peers for the way that she conducted herself.

Lucy says that she now monitors the way that she fees the emotions in her body, and now chooses to act before things escalate into a state of overwhelming anger or becoming argumentative.

She continues to use the coaching methods that she learned during our coaching sessions. She says that she now checks in with herself a couple of times each day and actively deals with her stress levels and worries before they escalate into a state of feeling overwhelmed.

We have learned that hiding anger isn’t really good for us, burying it just means that we will have to deal with a bigger problem in the future. Recognizing anger is a first step to resolving it, because you’re actually processing it and learning how to handle it effectively.

How do you manage anger in the workplace? What are your best practices to deal with anger?

I would love to hear from you, post your replies in the comments below.

Written by Sharon Jones


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Choosing Creativity in Life

As I choose to allow the energy to flow within me, it also flows through me and beyond me.
I explore creativity even when I’m not physically making something. Because to be creative is not just about making something artistic.

Being more creative is to be less logical
Becoming less logical

To be creative is to allow the energy to flow in anything that we take part in. We create the life that we experience on a daily basis, whether we know it or not. Each day we create the experiences that we explore. Whether we like to believe it or not.

We can choose the level of Creativity, and that’s the thing. We can choose to explore creativity, we can choose to be more creative in the life we live. We can choose to be more expressive and creative with what we choose in our lives.  

My own experience has been magnificent since I realized that I am in command of my own ship called Life. You see, sometimes we have rough seas. Sometimes it’s plain sailing. Sometimes we have to go to port for repairs and supplies. And sometimes we just enjoy riding the ocean waves because that’s what we created and is the very purpose of this ship.

How does Creativity appear in your life ? And how would you become more conscious in the Creativity process?

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June July 2019 events with Sharon

Do something different

Events calendar.

Monday 24th June ~Tapping workshop with Sharon.
at the Kitch’Inn, Main St. Mahone Bay.
6.30pm til 8pm

Wednesday 3rd July ~ special guest Howard offers 30 minute sessions.
Aura photograph with interpretation $60 and Soul contract readings are available $60
location – 3 Thistles B&B (yoga studio), Mahone Bay, NS.
booking is required.

Stay tuned for more events….

Don’t forget to subscribe to receive the latest news, events and information about using healing techniques in the work place to reduce anxiety and to boost your mental health.

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5 Reasons why you need to let go of the past

1. It allows you greater freedom in your emotions.

2. Your emotions become lighter.

3. Feeling lighter allows you to notice more about life around you.

4. Noticing more about the life around you means that you experience more happiness.

5. More happiness means that you experience more and more joy in everything you do.

6. When you experience more happiness and joy, you realize that you allowed yourself to be stuck in the past.

7. You realise that being stuck in the past didn’t serve you.

8 You keep finding more reasons to let go of the past.

9. Every day you feel more and more freedom to make better and better choices to enjoy your life.

10. I know I said 5 reasons but feeling freedom, happiness and joy is so amazing that I couldn’t stop! 

Choose to have an amazing day! 💖🙏🌸💜🙏💖🦋💖

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Fill with Love and Light

I allow my body to fill with love and light.

I choose to let go of the darkness that brings depression and despair.

I choose clarity over clouded judgment.

I choose confidence over self-doubt.

When we peel away the layers that creates our negative experiences in this life, we become lighter.

Peeling away the layers of distraction and destructive patterns means that after the healing has occurred we feel lighter.

Peeling away those layers, as if peeling layers from an onion.

When we have peeled all of those layers away and dissolve them, there is nothing left but light.

When we don’t have drama in our lives anymore, we can live life with true awareness.

Bring on the light.

Because release rocks.


Written by Sharon Jones


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Why you dont need a life coach

Answer honestly….

Have you been feeling overwhelmed?

…Doubt yourself?

…and maybe even feeling a bit on the edge and nervous lately?

Well today is your lucky day! (for real)

Because I am just about to launch an amazing system that has the very real potential to turn your life on its head…in a good way!

Here’s what I want you to do. [ for more…]

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Feeling Deeply

Whenever I spend time in nature, I find that I am more able to connect more with my true natural side.

It helps me to feel more connected in a way that I can’t find when I’m in states of stress in my day-to-day life.

I love to experience the depth of Connection to the natural world through feeling, without thought. It’s the hardest thing to describe, but I experience just Being.

I totally love spending time just appreciating the natural state of the trees and the leaves rustling above me, the clouds racing in the sky, and little creatures running through the woods, in between the trees, in the bushes. 

I feel alive. It really makes me feel alive. I think this is because I can sense the aliveness in the trees and the aliveness in the woods.

There’s something special about walking in the forest and the woodlands. Just connecting with the presence of these tall beings and just allowing yourself to be. In the Woods. Connecting deeply with Mother Nature. 

Oh how I love Spring! 

In Love Light and Peace,


Beautiful Oak

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Word of the day – Efficiency

I randomly chose an angel card and allowed the words to flow…..

Efficiency. Efficiently using one’s energy instead of wasting it.

Efficiently using one’s time in a constructive manner.

Efficiency – tuning in to “all that is” to create from that space.

Don’t waste your time wishing and dreaming for things that you cannot attain.

To be able to manifest efficiently one needs to lightly set the intention for what you want and then to let go of it again.

Trust and be Thankful

Trust and be thankful that events will take you to your intended destiny.

Don’t waste your time in the past, for the past no longer exists.

Don’t waste your time in the future, because the future does not exist.

To be present to be in the now is what is required of you at this moment, as only this moment exists.

Only this moment exists!

When we remember that the past and the future do not exist and practice being present in this moment we can manage our energies more proficiently and efficiently.

Efficiency is about being present in the moment. 


To practice being in the moment spend a few minutes each day just breathing and only focussing on your breath.

Just focussing on your breath, allow your body to relax completely, and allowing yourself to be in that moment.

Each time your mind becomes active and thoughts pop in, then you would remind yourself to bring your attention back to your breathing.

Just following your breathing.

 Do this for a few minutes each day and notice how much calmer your mind will be and how much more your body is relaxed.

In Love , Light and Peace